Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Celtic Baits is back

Hello to all the people who have followed this blog and welcome to all the new readers. I have finally finished with all the studying and I am saving my pennies for a P H D I am back fishing and it has got under my skin again.

I am starting with our trip to the paradise that is Kerry
What a week shore and kayak fishing. I had some more species for my list and proved the kayak out fishes the shore 90%.As I was fishing with a group and the only kayaker I had to do some shore fishing, when I was fishing Inch strand with the surf rooling in it was great but I was thinking about fishing from my yak.I am hooked again and this time I am enjoying bait fishing as much as lure fishing
Day 1 Saturday we left Dublin at 12.so much for the early start one stop for coffee and one for supplies in Tralee Lidl is great. Next stop Cloghan and mount Brandon cottage.a great spot for a group of lads to spend a week fishing it is fitted out with all the mod cons and can sleep 8 lads. We on loaded all the gear and I got ready for my first session in paradise. We headed to O Connors bar for the rugby match , Dermots son Barry lives in New Zealand and his best friend Boland Barret plays for the all Black's. A good sup had and home for 4 hours sleep to be up for first light .
The red beach looked great in the morning sun I was ready for action in a flash out to the first reef lures workin8g well in the crystal clear waters .No bass but plenty of other fishing to keep me happy. I worked the lures for 3 hours with only a mackerel to show for all the effort. Change of rod and fish on I was in to the mackerel 30 fish later (bait and lunch) I added some rag a nice dab came to my yak . Back on the lures and I headed in to the estuary to see wear the bass wear hiding, I turned into the channel trolling my plug and my first pollock of the week grabed on a nice plump lad who was in the bag for lunch
Up and down the Cloghan channel using all in my box of tricks and no fish I found lots of evidence of netting and in the 9 years since I was last padding around this channel not a lot has changed. For the next week I did not fish in this area. Next year we are going to stay on the Dingle side .

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