Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wild Irish bass for sale.

I got this from a good friend who was in a fish shop in Dublin the other day.The fish shops know the laws and to sell more bass they use tricks like selling bass from the north of Ireland in the south hence wild Irish bass .The bass laws we have in the south are not in the north they have the same rules as in the UK .Irish bass are working on this so we can stamp out this loophole .

  • Irish Bass for sale

    Just a quick note to let you know that I was just down in Howth earlier on today. Dorans fish shop are selling Bass that are labelled as "Wild Bass". Their tag also states that these fish are Irish caught. I know no more than that as I didn't ask any questions but I did take a covert photo with my iphone.

    I've already been on the hotline and emailed the photos off to the fisheries board. I'm amazed at how brazen they are to do this. They're all fine looking fish as well., about 3 pound or thereabouts. If you want to bang the photo on your page and let people know the score, I've sent the photo through with this message. Personally I think it's disgraceful.

    Talk to you later

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  1. Good man Dave!! Thats unbelieveable how they are getting away with it!!


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