Tuesday, March 8, 2011

On the spot fines for illegal fishing.

On the spot fines

An on the spot fine of €150 can be issued for a range of fisheries offences eg fishing in a closed season, taking fish smaller than allowed for in a bye-law, taking more fish than a bag limit allows etc.

Foul Hooking

This bye-law prohibits the killing and possession of foul hooked fish (i.e fish not hooked in the mouth) in any fishery district in any year.


The Bass (Conservation of Stocks)Order, 1990

Minimum overall size limit of 40cm from tip of snout to end of tail. Commercial fishing for bass is prohibited, the taking of bass using nets is prohibited, and Irish fishing boats must not have bass on board or engage in transhipment of bass.

Bass Fishing Conservation S.I. NO. 826 OF 2007

The effect of this Bye-law is to impose a bag limit on anglers of two bass in any one period of 24 hours and to provide for a ban on angling for bass during the spawning season (15th May to the 15th June).

Bass (Restriction on Sale) Order S.I. No. 367 of 2007

The effect of this Order is to prohibit the sale or offer for sale of bass (other than bass which has been imported into the State) from 1st day of July to 30th day of June.
Note: Penalties for breach of the above laws include confiscation of tackle and heavy fines.

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