Friday, January 28, 2011

Celtic baits move into the web

 Fresh lug ready to catch the cod and flounders that move at this time of year.

 Fresh peeler crab and mussel

 Some frozen bait
I have a shop in Dublin ,we sell bait for all types of fishing in the last few years i have got into kayak fishing .
I was asked to sell kayaks by the wilderness rep in Ireland and i have got to test out their full range of fishing kayaks and they are great.I also sell the full range of paddles and the bits and pieces  we all need to get started.

The main thing we sell is bait ,live and frozen .We offer the full range rag [in season we do not dig rag in the winter as they are spawning ].Lug [black and blow ]and frozen blacks. Peeler crabs all year round live and frozen.We sell all the frozen baits for sea and pike fishing ,We have a next day delivery on bait in Ireland and the UK.

The kayaks we sell are the wilderness range of fishing kayaks .Their is a link to the wilderness site to view their full range of kayaks and bits to get you going.We also sell a range of paddles from a starter to the top class fish stick that i use my self .The clothing we sell is the peak range and they are top of the range .Mick Boland used the peak jacket on shore and yak for the 2010 bass season and has sold lots of them by just showing other anglers it and the quality of it .
I will be reviewing all the new products from peak and wilderness over the coming season.


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  2. You need to use Led Lures for better fishing...!!


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