Sunday, April 3, 2011

The future.

John Devlin sent me this as the way forward.
Hopefully this is the way our government will start thinking and sooner rather than later!

Would'nt it be great if we had the commitment to do something similar - I mean lets face it, what are we going to do with the fish that we have 'protected' for the past twenty years that every body wants a piece of?
  1. Could we realise the recreational potential of the fishery?
  2. Could we create employment and contibute to the socio economic structure sustainably?
  3. Could we grow up, act maturely and begin to believe the fishery is world class?
  4. Could we just stop ticking boxes whilst thinking that we are doing something?
  5. Could we realise what is actually happening is as usual, very little?
  6. Can we do anything for ourselves, whilst others exploit the potential?

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