Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Made some great contacts at the conference

I had a great time at the conference ,i meet a lot of people who want to look after what we have
Their are shops in Dublin selling rag before the rag season opens do the owners of the shops not know that they are killing their own trade by taking the rag from these fly by night diggers .The rag digging starts in Dublin on paddy's day as it has for the last 60 years .and if we start digging rag before this date we are killing the green spawning rag and each one of these killed is 1000 rag lost for the 2012 season.So count with your feet lads and save our rag.
I  meet Peter Whelan from the sea fisheries protection authority ,they are the new body set up to enforce the rules on fisheries wether it is illegal picking of winkles or drift netting of bass these lads have the power to do the job and get it stopped .They have a confidential number 1890767676 make that call if you think you see illegal fishing or gathering.http://sfpa-ie.access.secure-ssl-servers.biz/index.php?q=news/the-sea-fisheries-protection-authority

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