Friday, February 11, 2011

Received my bass measures and scale bags today.

 I got my supply of BASS measures today .I am going to start to take scales from my 2011 fish for the Bass records This is what i think Irish bass should be moving too.
We will have evidence of the bass stocks getting better around our coast and the areas were they are not showing up in numbers something is wrong.  The fisheries can look at the area to see way just down the coast their are bass  and not this area [may be poaching over fishing or pollution ]
Their are so many reasons why this needs to happen i would be hear all night.
Poolbeg looking good today what a place to have 4 minuets from your door.

 The oldest swimming club in Ireland theHalf Moon SC. A good place to catch bass.


  1. helloow Dave ,
    i will help you in september . i will take care for the biggest one ;°)

  2. wont be long till we can do a bit of evening fishing at poolbeg with the stretch in the days


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