Wednesday, January 26, 2011

2010 bass

My first bass on my ilex

Mick's first kayak bass.

Happy days for Mick he went on to catch over 200 bass in 2010

Sean Doyle with a good one.

Mick stretching his legs.

Eoin Duff having a go

Mick Maher and his brother in the two man yak.

Mick in to a big one .

P Js diner the best fish and chips in wexford [he is in Oilgate ]

Gordie having a trial and he is hooked.

Paul Caroll hunting the bass another shore man taken to the yak

Pauls first yak bass.

Aday filming with colom from Living the wild life.

Nickie on his trial in the wilderness 135 .He even caught his first yak bass.

The kildrear crew in to the Pollock in Wexford.

A blue fire jelly fish.

Ryan on his first fishing trip on a kayak.

Robbie hunting the mullet
This is what the yak brings.

After 14 hours Mick is yaked .

Vasili rearing to go.

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